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Constant Clients brings together the best systems, strategies, and tools to help you attract a constant flow of clients into your business.

I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners and service professionals to get more clients, in less time, and with less stress, and now I’d like to help you do the same.

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As Rick says in Casablanca, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Succeed At Business.
Thrive At Life.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re living from client to client.

You work hard, yet you never seem to have enough clients and you certainly haven’t achieved the elusive work-life balance you once dreamed of.

Something isn’t working, but you don’t know what.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Bill Gates said, “Everybody needs a coach.” I want to be your coach.

I will teach you how to get more clients, in less time, and with less stress.

There are no shortcuts to success, but the alternative isn’t to simply work harder.

Instead of taking action, you need to take the RIGHT actions.  I can help.

Let’s begin. Get FREE access to my Client Accelerator Toolkit…


Who Is Jason Billows?

Hi, I’m Jason Billows.

I help small business owners and service professionals to get booked solid.

I started my first business in 1990 and since then have accumulated over 25 years of experience learning what works (and doesn’t) to get more clients.

In 2010 I began teaching close colleagues the systems, strategies, and tools I use to succeed in business.

They experienced great results, and that’s when I decided to launch Constant Clients.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners and service professionals to get more clients, in less time, and with less stress.

I’ve spent my career learning everything you need to get booked solid, including the mistakes you must avoid.

My mission is to make Constant Clients your most trusted resource for growing your business.

Thank you for being here.



What?  You want more info?  My, aren’t you curious.  Here’s some other stuff that you may find interesting:

  • Everything I do is with the intention of becoming a father, husband, and leader my family can be proud of
  • I need to spend time in nature or I get grumpy
  • I’m an introvert, yet still love being on stage
  • I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane over 50 times
  • I won gold for my university varsity fencing team
  • I have a degree in Theatre and English
  • I love movies, and have worked as a professional screenwriter
  • I have a deep connection to the water, and yes, I’m a Pisces
  • I was a competitive freediver and have held my breath for 5 minutes 37 seconds
  • I have swam with pilot whales, sharks, and dolphins in the wild
  • I have traveled to over 30 different countries
  • My spine is fused at L5/S1, with coral (gotta love science)
  • I have completed 3 Ironman triathlons and numerous other endurance events since my back surgery
  • I used to make my living as a comedian, juggler, and magician… seriously
  • I think work-life balance is bullshit, and instead we should strive for work-life integration
  • I am deeply committed to serving others, in my work and my life

Still want to know more?  I guess we’ll have to do this the old fashioned way.  Get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.

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